Wedding reception at the Copernicus Resort

If you want this day to become one of your most beautiful memories, we will help you.

Copernicus Resort. This place has been designed for you  - no compromises. The complex of modern buildings is quite close to Olsztyn, but at the same time in a secluded location which provides unique scenery for a wedding reception.

Stella is a picturesquely situated restaurant along the shore of Lake Wulipińskie which offers continental cuisine and exquisite dishes from the menu. The wedding menu is always customised according to the guests’ request.
Depending on the guests’ expectations and numbers, the reception is held in the air-conditioned main room, fireplace room or both, if the organizers expect a division between consumption and dancing. In such a case, contact is maintained by LED displays that give a view of the other room.

The patio with a view and the garden are at your disposal. Pig or wild boar roasting, meat or fish smoking in our own smokehouse, grill or bonfire are just a few offers that can be an additional attraction, e.g. on the second day of the reception.  

The spacious bungalows situated within the resort offer shelter to merry feasters. They are equipped with fireplaces, saunas, CCTV and other facilities that make this place comfortable.

An amazing view of the bay of the lake at night when it is illuminated with hundreds of lamps situated on the piers. Also unforgettable are the photography sessions, which leave us with a souvenir that is hard to compare to anything else.

The Copernicus Resort is a five-hectare secured area which can only be accessed by authorised persons – to make you feel really secure on this special day.

If you have plenty of energy, the water sports equipment, bathing place, volleyball court and tennis courts are at your disposal.

The prices of our services are not exorbitant, especially considering the fact that the newlyweds stay in a spacious suite for free and there are no additional charges for the secured car park and all the other facilities which are at the guests’ disposal. What makes our offer outstanding is that you are the hosts during the reception and are not disturbed by any other parties or their participants.